How to Easily Authenticate the 100 Dollar Bill? A Comprehensive Guide to Ensuring Legitimacy.

Easily Authenticate the 100 Dollar Bill


The one-hundred-dollar bill boasts several sophisticated security features designed to facilitate easy authentication. While some features require specialized lights or machines for verification, others can be authenticated with the naked eye. In this guide, we present simple yet effective tips for experts and enthusiasts alike to authenticate a $100 bill without the need for special lights or devices.

1.Watermark Identification:

Look for the watermark of Benjamin Franklin’s head, intricately engraved in the off-white space on the front face of the 100 USD bill.

Illuminate the bill with any light source or use your mobile flashlight to clearly distinguish this watermark.

If the watermark is absent, it raises suspicion of the bill being counterfeit.

$100 Bill Watermark

2. Color Shifting Feature:

Both the numeral “100” on the lower right corner and the bell on the inkwell incorporate a color-shifting feature.

Authenticate the bill by changing your viewing angle; you’ll observe the color of both the numeral “100” and the bell shifting from green to orange.

This dynamic color shift serves as a clear indicator of authenticity.

$100 Bill Security Features

3. 3D Effect on the Purple Strip:

Examine the purple strip located in the middle of the $100 bill, where a captivating 3D effect showcases the movement of the number 100 with relief.

Confirm the authenticity by changing your viewing angle; the 3D relief effect should be noticeable.

The absence of this effect raises concerns about the bill’s legitimacy.

$100 Security Features

4. Relief Effect:

The body of Benjamin Franklin and the design frame are printed using specialized security printing techniques with a relief effect.

To authenticate the $100 bill, run your fingers over these areas; a discernible relief effect should be felt.

The absence of this effect indicates the need for further verification using specialized testing equipment.

$100 Security Features


As guardians of currency authenticity, understanding and utilizing these simple yet powerful authentication techniques is crucial. By incorporating these tips into your assessment process, you contribute to the ongoing effort to maintain the integrity of our monetary system. Remember, a vigilant approach is key in safeguarding against counterfeit bills. Feel confident in your ability to authenticate a $100 bill, protecting yourself and others from potential financial harm.