Identity Cards for Educational Institutes

At Eelis we provide a full range of ID card solutions to educational institutes and cover all types of identification documents such as student ID, lecturers ID, and staff ID.

We supply universities, schools and educational institutes with robust and secure solutions for regular and electronic ID to enhance educational safety. We ensure the highest protection against counterfeiting and forgery to all members of academic institutions.

Complying with the latest international recommendations, here is the specifications range of ID cards we provide: 

  • Card Structure: Polycarbonate card, PET card, PVC card, and Composite card.
  • Card Size: ID 1 format (credit card sized).
  • Dimensions: 8.6 x 5.4 cm
  • Thickness: 0.76 mm or CR 80
  • ISO 7810 / ISO 7812 / ISO 7816 / ISO 7813 / ISO 10373.
  • Card Personalization: laser personalization, laser and dye sublimation.

Secure Certificate

The perfect integration of overt, covet and highly secure electronic taggant verification systems are used in high level university degrees, graduation notices, and school certificates we supply for absolute confirmation of authenticity.

We ensure the possibility of removing alteration or counterfeiting by all known means, with a secure technology that makes it known if any alteration is made e.g. Bleach reactive void message.

Worldwide, academic establishments of all stripes, from primary and secondary schools to elite colleges, rely on Eelis to supply the necessary encryption technology. At a very reasonable cost, you may give your professors, employees, and students a sense of security.

Secure Certificate

Secure Transcript

Secure Transcript

Forged school certificates have become a growing source of risks and worries over time, which has presented new difficulties for schools of higher education during the verification system. Eelis offers a secured transcript strategy that allows academic institutions to avoid the entry of counterfeit diplomas and licenses into their systems and secures the printing of pupils’ certifications.

We make use of security printing to provide the college community with secure transcript solutions and to assist schools in preserving their reputation. With the aid of our cutting-edge system, we can maintain track of those who provide transcripts and provide conclusive proof in dispute situations.