Case Studies

1. Eelis solutions for the Ministry of Higher Education

Ministry of higher education

It is a combination of EelicDoc legal document automation system and other key components comprising:

They can result in fully legally automated and secure diplomas, graduation certificates, high school degrees, or any other type of educational certification. The entire process is smooth with static and dynamic security features.

A central Issuance Hub can be initiated in the ministry premises to overlook the operations of the entire procedure.

2. Eelis Solution for Vital documents

Vital Documents.png

Vital documents have always been critical for any government as they are exposed to forgery and manipulation attempts. Eelis has developed a turnkey solution to create and secure vital documents through EelisDoc legal document generation system and other elements containing:

  • Eelis secure pre-printed certificates
  • Eelis customised desktop printers
  • Eelis document validation mobile app

Resulting a fully automated and secure

  • Birth certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Adoption certificate,

Any type of vital document issuance takes place smoothly with static and dynamic security features. A central Issuance Hub can be implemented in the Vital Document Authority premises to control the whole process.

3. Eelis Solution for Power of Attorney

In Eelis , we’ve always been focusing on sensitive credentials automating and securing the official documents . a critical example is the power of attorney due to the high value it can hold. at Eelis, we provide solid and reliable solutions for legal authorities in order to facilitate and secure the power of attorney through EelisDoc legal document preparation software and the bellow components:


It results in a fully automated, secure power of attorney process with static and dynamic security features being embedded in the process output .


A central Issuance Hub can be implemented in the Ministry of Justice or the court premises to overlook the whole process.

4. Eelis Solutions for Identity cards .

Physical Identity card

Beside the A4 documents, EelisDoc legal document assembly software supports all types of documents including credit card size ID cards .


With EelisDoc , no need to invest in a dedicated card personalisation software . our all-in-one system can replace the sophisticated card personalisation software and result in fully customized cards.


Possible use cases could be:

A complete solution could be provided along with Eelisdoc Document issuance system . including card printers, ribbons and consumables, pre-printed secure cards, lamination systems, authentication systems , AFIS , enrolment kits , …etc

5. Eelis Solution for Chequebooks

Blank chequebooks can be filled manually or automatically and we provide cheque processing machines to banks and financial institutions for automation of the entire process.

A central Issuance Hub can be implemented in the banks and financial institutions to overlook the whole process.