Eelis ID

Digital ID is the New ID

Digital identity is rapidly becoming the norm in today’s world. At Eelis, we recognize the need for a streamlined and secure process for digital identification, which is why we developed EelisID.


EelisID is a virtual identity card that is stored on an e wallet in your mobile phone and is validated through a special mobile application. Our fully automated process of enrollment and issuance ensures that obtaining a virtual ID is easy and quick.


EelisID visual cards are equipped with advanced security features that protect against identity theft and fraud, making them a reliable form of digital identification. Our virtual cards are customizable, allowing you to tailor your virtual identity card to your specific needs.


With EelisID, you can rest assured that your digital identity is secure and easily accessible whenever you need it. The digital age calls for a new form of identification, and Eelis ID is here to provide a solution that is efficient, secure, and convenient.Some of the possible use cases could be :


– Citizens ID cards

– Temporary ID

– Driver’s license

– Students ID

– Election cards

– Access cards

– Membership cards 

Eelis Digital ID App