EelisDoc is the ultimate hassle-free legal document assembly software.

No matter what type of document you’re going to generate, our legal document automation software has your back! We aim to ensure that legal documentation assembly becomes easier and quicker for all legal entities with Eelis.

Our vast experience in document generation and issuance of secure certificates has allowed us to develop the all-in-one process automation software where you can predefine the template and issue your valuable document within seconds. With our expertise, you will get your documents made quickly and securely.

EelisDoc Application Demo

Single Issuance

Single issuance will allow the system administrator to issue a legal document smoothly without the need of exhausting data entry tasks, border alignment, font size, submission date etc. Document creation has never been this easy!

Another big advantage of EelisDoc single issuance is the robust user rights management and document approval process.

EelisDocSingle Issuance

Bulk Issuance

Bulk issuance entails the issuance of multiple legal documents at once. Intelligent document processing is now performed efficiently in bulk.

The document automation software downloads the database template, fills it with the applicant’s biographic, and issues the documents. It is as quick and easy as this.

A sophisticated user rights management can also be applied with role definition and access management for the system user.

EelisDoc Bulk Issuance

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