School Review

Our school review software system will allow students and teachers to evaluate each other’s performance. Our efficient and high-speed evaluation system is curated to bridge the gap between teacher and student performance indicators. Eelis School Review software is here to revamp how educational institutions operate and ensure both faculty and students are performing well.

Faculty evaluation by students

After every lecture students will review the lecturer and the reviews will be combined on a weekly or monthly basis. Our aim is to provide a clear faculty evaluation to the management regarding their teaching performance i.e a performance indicator tool.

Faculty evaluation by parents

Besides students, their parents can also review the teachers as well after evaluating their child’s performance in school. Both parents and students will have complete access to the system.

Student evaluation by parents

The teachers can also review about the students and make comments/complaints on their students. This option is present to ensure that student performance is communicated to the parents and they are able to view the progress of their child’s academics.

Eelis School Review